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Nariyah Simms is a sharp-witted serial entrepreneur who is passionate about producing tangible results. Before venturing into her present business field, Nariyah worked as a Tax Consultant & Financial Consultant for 15 years. Her extensive career trajectory includes owning multiple business such as a Hair Salon (her first love), a cleaning company and working as a successful credit consultant. For over 4 years, Nariyah has dealt with providing credit restoration to individuals suffering with incorrect reporting data on their credit reports. She astutely places her clients in a position where they can successfully open bank accounts, build their dream home, purchase new vehicles and obtain favorable financing options. Nariyah is a Board Certified Credit Repair Specialist through the CCA, FCRA & FDCPA and has obtained her BCCC & CSCC certifications and is well versed in filing consumer reporting complaints, preparing credit bureau disputes and analyzing credit reporting data for well over 4 years adding to her expertise in the field.

Born & raised in Elizabeth, NJ in a single parent home, Nariyah faced many obstacles. In the era Nariyah grew up in, she was always taught "whatever goes on in this house, stays in this house," for this reason suffering in silence seemed to be that of the norm. Financial literacy also was not something taught. After surviving Domestic Violence in 2 marriages, Nariyah diligently sought out holistic healing and activities devoted to helping others who too were survivors. In doing so, Nariyah started 2 non-profit organizations "Michelle's Daughter, Inc." which is dedicated to Women, Men & Children who are DV victims & survivors and "Project Rahab" which is dedicated to at risk youth. Nariyah also studied and became certified as a DV Liaison. Nariyah also served as an at risk youth counselor for 2 years. Each attempt of survival exposed to her the importance of maintaining great credit when you don't have cash and good spending habits when you do.

In 2017, Nariyah began helping close friends, their friends & family members repair their credit and monthly budgeting of their finances, after being a victim of identity theft herself, by studying consumer laws, government laws & credit laws. In 2020, Nariyah bravely launched Star Stellar Credit Repair Solutions, LLC. In a quick time span, Nariyah learned more things in the financial business aspect and started adding more services to her brand.

In 2021, Nariyah took all her NEW additional services and rebranded & relaunched exposing the NEW business named GWAP Financial Services, A Trust Company - God. Wealth. Assets. Prosperity.

Here at GWAP Financial Services Our Mission Is To Enable The Undeserved By Taking The Credit Population To Build And Fulfill Their Dreams, Desires, Goals & Ambitions ABUNDANTLY!!!

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